The Madison Group 360° Feedback Process

360° feedback
360° feedback is about getting honest and constructive feedback about an individual's performance in an organisation. This feedback comes from your manager, your colleagues, members of your team and your own self-assessment. We gather this information and present it to you in the form of a confidential report to help you with your personal development.

Taking part: You may have been invited to take part as a:

  • Feedback recipient: You need to invite a number of others to give feedback on you. You should include your manager, members of your team (ie people who report to you) and other colleagues. You should also complete a self-assessment.
  • Feedback provider: You need to complete the assessment forms for the people who have invited you to give feedback.
  • Both as a feedback provider and as a feedback recipient.
Please log on
You should already have instructions, by email, of how to log on. By logging on you agree:
 • That you are taking part on a voluntary basis.
 • That your data can be used to produce a 360 feedback report for the feedback recipient on the understanding that this report does not name any of the feedback providers.
 • That your data can be used to produce group reports for the organisation, on the understanding that these reports do not identify any individuals.
 • To give honest, objective and constructive feedback.
We, The Madison Group and our business partners, agree:
 • The individual's 360 feedback report will be sent directly to the feedback recipient. No further copies of this report will be produced without the feedback recipient's knowledge and consent.
 • The 360 feedback report will not reveal the names of the feedback providers.
 • We will remove this information from our systems when it ceases to be relevant (this may be between one and two years).
 • Personal data will only be used for the purpose of preparing 360 feedback reports and administration related thereto.
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